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Return of the Crap!
April 22nd 2000, 01:50 CEST by morn

Yes, the Crap is back! Welcome, dear readers, to the all new PlanetCrap 3.0. If you're one of the old regulars, you'll know how it works and what to do. For all first-time visitors: We publish stories on all sorts of, yes, crap, and you can comment on them. Simple, eh?

Also, if you have any cool ideas for the new Crap, please let me know -- keep in mind though that I'm trying to keep the site as simple and easy to use as possible, so please don't ask for user registration, moderation or threaded discussions. :)

And now, enjoy the site!

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#1 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 02:13:20

Okay, this is very cool. I hope you guys like the new site. Of course, there's still some stuff I need to add, but hey... it works. Have fun!

- Morn
#2 by "Sharky"
2000-04-22 02:16:27
Morn rux!

#3 by "RAD Kade 1"
2000-04-22 02:17:04
Neat, too bad it doesn't work in netscape.
#4 by "Stallion"
2000-04-22 02:18:31
I am number four! :)

Great job mr0n!
#5 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 02:21:03
Oh gawd... the site looks <i>broken</i> in Netscape. Lemme fix that.

- Morn
#6 by "Jeh"
2000-04-22 02:24:47
jeh@planetjeh.cmo http://
Rux! Great to have the Crap back! :)

- Jeh
#7 by "Stallion"
2000-04-22 02:26:08
Jeh has "ladyice" in his hostmask!
Bwhahahaha, we know who the dominant role in the relationship is :D
#8 by "Jeh"
2000-04-22 02:28:11 http://
Shush f00! :b
#9 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 02:32:46
Okay, I think I've been able to fix the worst of the Netscape problems. Yuck, that old thing sucks, maybe we should run a story on how Netscape completely forgot to catch up with 87.6% of life on the net at some point. =)

- Morn
#10 by "Urlaubsreif"
2000-04-22 02:33:13 http://

The voices in my head keep telling me: doh.

Who cares it doesn't work in netscape?
#11 by "Thrrrpptt!"
2000-04-22 02:50:17 http://
Woah, the Crap is back, eh? Fantastic.

Let me just put on my crap kicking shoes... :)

#12 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 02:58:53
Yes, the crap is back, though still a bit incomplete, but never mind that, I'll fix it all up over the weekend. Yes, there may even be some graphics! ;-)

- Morn
#13 by "shaithis"
2000-04-22 03:15:24
Nice, Morn. :)

Looking forward to good reading, though I can't say I'm likely to participate in as many discussions as previously. Too damn busy.

Now all we need is Andy's conspiracy theories, Jeet's hubris, crash's insight, a couple of trolls, and a couple of developers willing to take some punishment, and it'll feel like home. ;)

#14 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 03:17:35
Glad you like it. I admit that most of the site is a quick hack, but hey, that's not much different from the other two versions that have already graced the net really. =)

So, let's see... has still been getting roughly 200 visitors every day since the site went down, so we should at least see some <i>trolls</i> soonish... good!

- Morn
#15 by "Preacher"
2000-04-22 03:27:19
Kickass Morn.. About time you got off your fuckin ass.
#16 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 03:27:42
Die. =)

- Morn
#17 by "Preacher"
2000-04-22 03:28:29
Are we still on for analsex at E3?
#18 by "Tungsten"
2000-04-22 03:51:31
praise the Lord!  the crap is back!
#19 by "Lizzzard"
2000-04-22 03:52:23
praise the Crap! Morn is back.
#20 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 03:54:57
:P  Glad you all like the new PC (and are actually glad that it's back)... this is my reward for spending the day coding away (and almost risking a nervous breakdown... <i>not</i>!) w00p!

Or in the spirit of the Planets: ROCK!

Hehe. Let's do some GSI bashing. ;-))

- Morn
#21 by "shaithis"
2000-04-22 04:30:11
oh good lord.

I'll muzzle myself _before_ the bosses yell at me this time. :)

#22 by "Tom Cleghorn"
2000-04-22 05:46:28
Q- What are the roots that clutch, what brances grow/Out of this stony rubbish?

A- That'll be Planetcrap and its miraculous resurrection, Mr. Eliot.
#23 by "Tom Cleghorn"
2000-04-22 06:10:40
Of course, what we need now is a new version of CrapSpy, with Specialist Patented Troll Filtering System.
Oh, and icons and stuff like on 3r33tz0r Quake3World...

#24 by "Unidentified Canadian Hacker"
2000-04-22 09:00:54
Planetcrap was especially cool when it became a cesspool of whining losers and endless Andy threads representing his thinly veiled sexual frustration.  Mmmmmmm.... who can forget those 200 post threads of everyone saying the same thing.  I know I sure can't and I've been through shock therapy!
#25 by "shaithis"
2000-04-22 10:54:43
okay, I made fun of Andy a bit (as I'm certain he could make fun of my overwhelming tendency to defend people without really knowing whether I should or not), but let's not get carried away. :)

Man, I missed the crap. Only intelligent discussion board I've ever found, other than slashdot, which is just too goddamn geeky to visit regularly.

#26 by "Tom Cleghorn"
2000-04-22 16:16:42
Must say, I was much more impressed by the last few threads, during the final throes of PC, that reached 500+ posts :)
#27 by "Chango"
2000-04-22 20:22:20
Is it just me, or does the new look seem an awful lot more sexy than the last one?

I find it very aesthetically pleasing (did I even spell that right?)

#28 by "RedLine"
2000-04-22 21:09:57
Wow, I was only checking every three days, more in hope than anything, but finally it's back... ;-)

Ok, lets see what gets cooked up now. ;-)
#29 by "loonyboi"
2000-04-22 23:19:07

Okay, so you're back. Now add user accounts to this thing already!

That is all.

#30 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 23:31:21
Well, I dunno about user accounts. I believe one of the cool things about PC is that there <i>is</i> no user registration. Of course there is the risk of m0m0s spamming the site, but I'd really like to wait until that happens before taking counter measures.

Glad to have you back on the site, loony :)

- Morn
#31 by "Olento"
2000-04-22 23:35:21
I don't think that the site needs much more graphics... It's perfect in the simple way it is. Oh, and it looks perfect in Opera 4.0 ;)

- Olento
#32 by "BuccAneeR"
2000-04-22 23:45:16
This site rocked and will rock. I hope morn and his crew have some nice stuff for us readers in the feature.
#33 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 23:48:53
Thanks dude. :)

- Morn
#34 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-04-22 23:57:24
Just want to add

feel free to suggest topics for us to post about

/me has some ideas ....

but we welcome reader input.

#35 by "Tony"
2000-04-23 02:13:08
"Let's do some GSI bashing"

... please commence.
#36 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 02:17:35

- Morn
#37 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 03:35:23
Wow, even <a href="">CrapSpy</a> is still around (doubt it works with the new site tho). Cool!

- Morn
#38 by "Valeyard"
2000-04-23 04:01:45
Oh my...this is just too weird for me to deal with today.

#39 by "Charlie Wiederhold"
2000-04-23 06:10:11
Daikatana Gold.
Elian saga over.
PlanetCrap is back.

Could this weekend get any more disturbing?!?!


Charlie Wiederhold
#40 by "loonyboi"
2000-04-23 06:56:38
Well, I don't think accounts should be *mandatory* but you could use it to add some funky customization features n' stuff.

...and it's nice to be back. :)

#41 by "Apache"
2000-04-23 08:22:30
if you need hosting, let me know!
#42 by "cliffe"
2000-04-23 08:46:46

I've been visiting the Crap every few days, hoping it would be back up.

Great to have it back, nice work Morn.

#43 by "Kazi Wren"
2000-04-23 09:13:51
Planet Crap, eh? Now I can see what all the crap about this site is about ;-)

Looking forward to getting into some question: crap does wash of leather easily, right?

Kazi Wren
-=The Dark Mistress=-
3DActionPlanet, Spookhouse & Ragnarok
#44 by "shaithis"
2000-04-23 09:26:32
Wow mr0n, you can be hosted with Gamefan!

Or maybe you could make PlanetCrap an "official" GameSpy Planet. I'll see if I can pull a few strings around here.



#45 by "Apache"
2000-04-23 09:34:38
Shai: I think i liked you better when you were one of my hosted sites making textures.

ha ha ;)
#46 by "shaithis"
2000-04-23 09:59:51
If memory serves, I was one of _Fragmaster's_ hosted sites. :)

On another note: I can't believe how many oldskool PC regulars have since found fulltime jobs in the gaming industry. Pretty cool.

#47 by "Jafd"
2000-04-23 10:12:50
Oohhhhhhhhhh I'm so happy to have PlanetCrap back. Thank you all.
#48 by "Apache"
2000-04-23 11:16:41
I'm not sure how cool working 100 hours a week is, but I can think of worse things to do for a living ;)

kind of funny how things worked out however.
#49 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 11:44:19
shai: I can't believe how many oldskool PC regulars have since found fulltime jobs with <i>GameSpy</i>. Now <i>that</i> is scary. :-)

Regarding joining the Planet network, sure thing, I've always wanted that new cool uniform Planet* design. NOT. ;-)

Apache: If <i>you</i> need hosting, let me know! :P

Charlie: Also, what people don't know yet, a large asteroid is on a direct route to Earth and will crash into and destroy the planet in roughly 35 hours. It's a fun Eastern this year!

- Morn
#50 by "Ryan Greene"
2000-04-23 15:30:40
I am so happy now, I get up Easter morning, and what do I see? A big basket with PlanetCrap in it...
Ryan does a hapy dance
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